In all sorts of relationships (personal, friends, family, business, etc.), it is a matter of mutual trust for everyone involved. In some cases this confidence clatters and creates friction and problems.At times there is an issue, and other time none at all.

There is a false impression, or suspicion, no intent on either side. In both cases, what is required is to gather data and information that will confirm or reject the suspicion.  These data and information can be collected with special care and confidentiality by us that will consequently help you to make the right decision, knowing the actual facts.  Disclosing the truth on various issues requires evidence of the movements, actions, communications, and contacts of the people you care about.

Having at your disposal the data and information we collect for you, you can defend your life, your dignity, your rights and your interests.  Everyone wants to know as much as possible adjacent to their family members on the one hand to protect them and on the other to protect themselves, especially when it comes to minors, teenagers and elderly people.

We undertake services in regards to the deception of elderly people from wherever it might originate, as well as incidents that have to do with problems that elderly people cannot confront on their own and all these are handled with respect, sincerity and efficiency. Minors are also a vulnerable group and their protection at a fragile age is our priority.

We can identify and notify you of the dangers they may encounter at school, with their friends, in the family environment, and in general in their living environment and their encounters. Issues of violence from wherever it may come, harassment of all kinds, bad habits, addictions to substances are some of the dangers that should you discover ahead of time, you will protect your children from irreversible often effects on their health, their physical integrity, their smooth development in their school and family course.

Individual, family and property security are a primary concern of every human being in order to be able to live peacefully, tranquil without risks and threats to the life, physical integrity and property.  We can provide the necessary information, advice and training to protect against any form of risk.

We also investigate any case that threatens or looms to commit crimes against you or your family in any way, as long as you have trust our experience and our consistent handling of your case accordingly…..We can plan together how to protect yourself, your family members, your home, your business and all kinds of assets from any risk.

In order for a case to be brought to justice, you must have collected all the elements that guarantee its successful outcome.Legal advice is obviously crucial and necessary, but your legal counsel should be assisted in his work by people who provide specialized services to support your interests.  We are committed to gathering all you need to be properly informed and well prepared before your case is handled. We can investigate anything that will give more light to the truth and lead to a fair decision.

Criminal offenses, financial issues-claims, family issues, business problems, labor – traffic accidents, arson, cases requiring specialized knowledge are some of the assumptions we support with success.Bureaucracy, delays and shortcomings by incompetent officials are, unfortunately, familiar situations for those who deal with public authorities, local authorities, public utilities and other organizations.Ignorance, attitudes and misrepresentation of interested parties often create friction, inconvenience, delays and ultimately the dissatisfaction of the citizens concerned.

We can relieve you of such inconveniences and loss of precious time, helping you to reach the desired outcome fast, during your transactions to resolve your affairs.

We do not substitute the competent authorities, but we can help you to uncover those who have outlawed against you or those close to you in any way.Naturally, the final word is up to the legal authorities whose task we support alongside your interests, by providing information and data resulting from our in-depth investigations.

Already in serious cases that have recently occupied the justice as well as the media, we have made a valuable silent contribution.

We work on behalf of victims, insurance companies, entrepreneurs, individuals and others who are involved in accidents of any kind.  We gather the data and information needed to support those concerned and to claim their losses.  Traffic accidents, accidents at work, fire, accidents from other causes are some of the cases we undertake responsibly, by activating our by assignment – specialized associates to gather material, prepare reports and complete the file that will be the most valuable support before each authority and body.

We manage responsibly incidents of missing persons in situations where their lives may be at risk, hostage and kidnappings with our focus primarily on protecting the lives of people at risk.

We gather for this purpose the important elements and the critical information in order to reach to an agreeable outcome at each individual case.  With discretion, methodical use of all available information, but mainly with the findings obtained from our investigation, together and in close cooperation with those directly concerned we ensure that their loved ones at risk will be recovered and returned safe.

We do not interfere with the work of the competent authorities; on the contrary, we make available the data obtained from our investigations to assist their work.  We can also guide you throughout the crisis, to handle each incident until the case is successfully completed.

 With the help of our experts, we can handle your unresolved issues with Banks, Insurers etc.  and thereby avoid losing your valuable time or unnecessary burdens.  Our financial and banking consultants can prepare and implement for you feasible plans to settle your financial pending issues.

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