Private – Family Investigations

In all sorts of relationships (personal, friends, family, business, etc.), it is a matter of mutual trust for everyone involved. In some cases this confidence clatters and creates friction and problems….

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Business Intelligence

Together, we can plan and activate prevention mechanisms against criminal offenses – hostile to your business – by customizing our research and gathering the critical information that is required…

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Support in the Private Sector

Without wasting valuable time, money and human resources, we can facilitate and support the work of law firms – notaries – real estate agencies – tax and accounting offices…

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Advanced technology solutions

Wherever it is needed and feasible, advanced technology is being exploited to acquire the data and critical information we seek to support our research and your requirements faster…

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Private Investigations

We conduct confidential private investigations and provide consulting services and critical information for personal protection, families and businesses.


Depending on the case or the problem that needs a special management there is a specialized partner who has the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the request


With us you can feel secure for yourself, your families, your assets and your businesses. Our experience guarantees the provision of high-quality services in the field of research, information and advice on meeting your requirements in this field.


We work to ensure the result sought by the stakeholders in the case or the problem that we are assigned to handle or resolve, not to publicize for any reason personal, family, business, and any other secrets or sensitive information that we have been trusted with.


We are absolutely clear in advance of what we can handle, and how long we can handle each case. Whatever we do, it automatically means that we will have the person concerned and the answers to his questions.

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About us

“A.BALAKOS & PARTNERS” is a company which is operating in the field of Private Investigations, providing critical information and advisory services, with its offices in the center of Athens.  We undertake cases in Greece as well as abroad, providing support in various sectors for the needs of individuals and businesses, with specialized surveys, critical information and counseling services for the protection of individuals, families, professionals and businesses.

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